Download call of duty mobile for android and iphone Direct links

After the teaser of Call of Duty is now available for download on Android and iPhone devices. After the success of the experimental test of the game which impressed

 All of the reviewers on YouTube have the accuracy of the code game and the graphics are high, so that most of the players of the game said it would excel

 Call of Duty Mobile apk from Google Play and Apple Store.

What is the game call of duty mobile

The exciting game of wars and action COD is an abbreviation of the name “call of duty”, a game very popular among PC players, the game revolves around the world war and the game comes in more than one of them developed online

 Enables you to enter matches against players around the world. Now a mobile version of the game has been released under the name Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile was first announced in March 2019, where the publisher of the game Activision revealed its desire

In the development of more smartphone games in the future I expect more excitement.

Code game was developed by game development company Tencent studio Timi

The company has experience in creating online Battle Royale games for mobile platforms.

For now, all modes are player-versus-player (PVP) – including Battle Royale

battle royale. However, Activision revealed that the game will not be an exclusive Battle Royale, with additional playback modes added Later.

Most of the gameplay is on maps and with the characters and weapons that have appeared in many Call of Duty games over the years

, Including the Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops series. Some maps and weapons will be added

 right on time.

You can now download the game call of duty mobile apk from your Android Store and Apple Store very easily and without restrictions.

Download game call of duty for Android

Android version comes with a very high graphics You can enjoy the atmosphere of strategic games from the phone, the game comes free with purchases

 Inside just like PUBG Mobile, you can earn points that turn them into purchases by playing and completing in-game tasks as well as games Other.

The game offers you a free Battle Pass plus a paid Battle Pass.

What play modes are available?

The first set of multiplayer gameplay modes are fan favorites. You can choose between three types of games: normal or tidy

Or private, depending on the other players you want to face.

How does Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale work?

Battle Royale mode is designed specifically for mobile game, although there are some similarities with Call of Duty Blackout , But it is unique in this series.

Opens in the game as soon as you reach the seventh level.

Maps available in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile will have some of the best-loved COD series maps available on PCs, making the game even more exciting

These include Nuketown of Black Ops, Crash of Modern Warfare and Hijacked of

 Black Ops 2 series.

You’ll also get featured maps from the Modern Warfare series Crossfire and Killhouse. It will be the returned shooting range

Formulated from Black Ops 4 is available. The Standoff of Black Ops 2 in the list.

Download call of duty mobile for iPhone

You can also play the exciting game Code Mobile on Android phones just like the game Ppgi and Fortnite so you can enjoy the atmosphere of great excitement

For war and strategy games with high graphics through the phone only. Of course there are many players who have already tried the game on

IPhone So if you want to see if the game is good or not enter and watch the games on YouTube.

Download call of duty mobile on emulator

Many players have recently preferred to play on the emulator rather than on mobile devices such as the Ppgi Simulator

 And Free Fire Simulator and other games, you can now very easily play the game call of duty mobile 2019 on the emulator without

 No problems.

Search for the best Android emulator in terms of speed, smoothness and graphics and download the game on the emulator and open and play with the settings

Game settings with emulator settings to avoid problems and it is not difficult there are many videos on YouTube , You explain it.

Download call of duty mobile 

You can download the game Call of Duty Mobile through our direct link APK without having to download it from the store and also you can avoid the topic completely and go directly to the store

 Google Play and write call of duty will show you the game downloaded and similarly go to the Apple Store and search for the game and download or

Use the links below to access direct links.

Download game call of duty for Android

Download call of duty mobile for iphone

call of duty mobile apk

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