How to make money online through affiliate marketing

The conceptof profit from the Internet

The concept of making money from the Internet has recently spread a lot, and some still wonder about what this work, in short, the profit from the Internet is to make money by doing certain things through the Internet, such as making a program for someone or writing an article or scientific research and other work that We can do it via the web.

There are a lot of ways you can make money from the Internet, some of which take a lot of time and some of it takes only a little time, and we have explained the methods of profit from the Internet in a previous article that you can refer to to benefit from it, either In this article we will talk about affiliate marketing or what is known as affiliate, this is one of the most important things that you can reap huge profits in a short time and with minimal effort and this through the Internet, commission marketing is a treasure for those who want to become rich in time So short.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

(Affiliate Marketing) is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with a particular product or service provider.You benefit, and you benefit, you benefit from a percentage of the profits of the product you are marketing and you benefit from selling the product.

Commission Marketing is simply to go to a company that offers certain products and has a commission marketing program as a market company and Jumia or Amazon, and then participate in this program and then market their products and everyone who buys a product from this company through you will get you Commission for the purchase.

The idea of ​​affiliate marketing begins when the owner of the products opens the way for others to market these products in return for every successful purchase, so he earns and the marketer makes money for this work.

In the beginning, before the advent of commission marketing, the owner of the products marketed his products himself, and this cost a huge amount of money, especially if he wanted to market all the products and was limited to the owner of the products and willing to buy these products, but when the emergence of commission marketing appeared in the equation When a product owner opens the way to commission marketing, it will open up more opportunities for selling all his products, not just one product, because each person involved in commission marketing will market certain products and so on, and the product owner will benefit and the marketer will benefit.

You should know that affiliate marketing did not appear only with the emergence of the Internet, but this exists much earlier, because the idea is simply as we talked about a mutually beneficial relationship.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to product marketing

There is a misconception among some that affiliate marketing is only marketing products for a particular company or person and sharing part of the profits, but in fact affiliate marketing extends even further to include advertising services on sites or applications and others …

It is commission marketing to subscribe to one of the advertising services such as Google, which is Adsense to display ads on sites, and you take the amount of money per thousand impressions or depending on the number of clicks, or you subscribe to the service Google Admob to display ads on smartphone applications, If you are a programmer and you have a set of applications and wondering how to make money from them to you this way is the display of ads in your application, and I mentioned earlier that some of them managed to win more than a quarter of a million dollars of smartphone applications.

And when we talk about placing ads on sites or applications, here we talk about a fourth party in the process of commission marketing, which is the party that connects the display of ads to the publisher who displays ads on a site or application such as Google Adsense.

Methods of profit from Internet marketing commission

After we talked about the concept of commission marketing, we come to the most important point in this topic are the methods of commission marketing and the tools you need as a commission marketer to take advantage of this area as much as possible.

The first thing that any affiliate marketer needs to profit from the Internet is to get the product that they market, and there are two ways to do this, first get the product directly through a company that offers this program and the second get the product from intermediary companies.

The second is to get a good source for visitors who want to buy this product, and there are also many ways to get visitors, including the following: –

1- Social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and we will talk at length about YouTube later

The marketer can get visitors or want to buy the product that is marketing for free either by creating a page with a large number of followers or the creation of paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and what applies to Facebook applies to other platforms.

But there is more than one way to get those who want to buy the product, such as we mentioned on Facebook that your channel on YouTube has a number of subscribers or the creation of paid marketing campaigns, and there is another thing done by many people who have a large number of subscribers and It is the work of advertising for certain products on their own channel in return for money, and there are others who make a special channel to make reviews of specific products and pay followers to buy these products and thus he is profitable from the commission of the product marketing and marketing commission by placing ads on his channel.

The third thing is to create a site, so you need to design the site yourself or buy it and buy hosting for the site, and then you make articles for the products that you market commission, and here we come to sources for visitors who want to buy these products:

The first source is free by the free result of search engines, and the second source by making an advertisement for the appearance of your site in the first result of search engines, especially Google search engine.

After learning about commission marketing and how to make money from the internet through commission marketing, we come to the most important point you should know if you want to enter in this area is that the key element in this experiment and testing, the search for a successful product to market commission is What is important in this process, and to reach this successful product will go through many stages of testing until you reach your goal.

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